Impatiently waiting for the iMac 2012

by Lindsey on May 19, 2012 · Personal

It’s been 4 years since I last purchased a new computer and only up until this year has my current setup been giving me problems. I’ve had a heavier work load this year which demands more from my equipment. I’ve decided to go get myself the newest iMac from Apple. But wait! I remember when I first bought my iPod Touch 3rd generation, they released the iPod Touch 4 2 months later! I was not all too familiar with Apple cycles then so I just went with it. This year will be different. I am (sort of) prepared to wait.

It has already been a year since they last updated the iMacs and I can hope that this year’s update will be AWESOME. Just last month, Apple sent out invitations to the WWDC 2012 which many are already speculating that the new iMacs and Macbook Pro’s will be announced. I’m SO excited I’m becoming obsessive about it.

I am not ashamed that I have already watched so many unboxing and prediction videos on the iMac 2012. I am super excited about it. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry but when I think of crying about it, it makes me laugh.

I also plan on getting the latest Apple TV (should I wait?) and a new Belkin router to update my entire setup. Yes!!!

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