I have an iMac!

by Lindsey on June 24, 2012 · Personal, Tech

WWDC 2012 was a huge disappointment for me because Apple did not announce upgrades to the iMac or Mac Mini. I was hoping to wait until they do release the next one but my 4-year old PC was just slowing me down at work. About 12 hours after WWDC 2012 ended, I went ahead and bought the Mid-2011 iMac.

I might feel bad for not having waited longer but I am completely happy with the iMac that I got. There will always be time to upgrade next time.

I’m really happy with how my workspace (pictured) is now. A lot less clutter – which is one of the main reasons for my Mac purchase. I’m having tons of fun with apps as well. I’m already thinking if I should do an app review site. I know there are already tons of those out there but I have so much to say.

I know I’ve already spent a huge amount of money to buy the iMac so I am trying to not freak out at the App Store. So far, the only purchases I’ve made are Pages ($19.99) and Reeder ($4.99). Other Mac-only apps I’ve come to like are MagicPrefs, CheatSheet, Synergy, iMovie, iPhoto. I plan on purchasing Keynote and Numbers in the near future but my wallet/credit card needs a bit of refilling.

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