Buying from Online Apple Store vs. Local Stores (Philippines)

by Lindsey on July 20, 2013 · Reviews, Tech

I love having better shopping options these days. We get to choose if we do our shopping locally, from online shopping websites, or buy items from individuals who are reselling. In order for me to maximize my Apple ecosystem, I buy new accessories to further enhance my experience. This is a follow-up post to the popular “Buying from the Online Apple Store (Philippines)” post.

Buying from the Online Apple Store


  1. It’s convenient. No need to step out of your home to buy your Apple products. This is great for people who do not go out as often or do not want to deal with mall crowds, like me.
  2. You can customize your products. The online Apple store is the place you want to buy from if you want to engrave your iPods or upgrade the specifications on your Mac.
  3. Stocks are more likely to be available. Reality is, local stores may possibly have limited stocks on the product you are looking for.
  4. You get to unbox it yourself. Tech geeks out there would know what I’m talking about. Unboxing and opening my new gadgets myself makes the experience much cooler.


  1. There will be a waiting time. You could say I’m an impatient shopper. I like getting my stuff quick and bringing it home. The Apple TV was an exception because at the time, it was not available in local stores. You will have to wait for your item to be shipped and for Customs to clear your package. If you need it RIGHT NOW, go to a local store.
  2. You can’t test your product. It’s not common but you could get a defective product. Exchanging it for a new one may not be an ideal situation for you. If you’re looking to simply test a product to see if you like it, you can still do this at local stores with demo units.
  3. You could get a better deal elsewhere. You may be able to get lower prices for paying for your Apple gadgets in cash in local stores. You can also time your purchase during sales. Also, the Apple Store Philippines currently does not offer financing or deferred payment.

Buying from local Apple stores or resellers


  1. You can bring it home right now. My agenda for buying a new Apple product or accessory is run to the mall/shop, buy it, and run home to play with it.
  2. Check, inspect and test. Filipinos love testing their products before bringing them home. We like to make sure we’re getting the right one and it works fine.
  3. Take advantage of deals and sales. Stores encourage shoppers to pay for the products in cash by giving discounts. You can also buy during seasonal sales or take advantage of your credit card’s instalment plans.


  1. Someone else will open the box for you. Most sales personnel do this for you. I sometimes wish they’d ask. You can ask, however, to open them yourselves but it’s definitely more fun to do that at home!
  2. Be careful when bringing it home! If you drop, damage or lose (!!!) it once you’ve stepped away from the counter, they probably can’t do anything about it. Having your product delivered online will ensure that the item will get to your home safely.

Based on the above, it sounds like the two are just opposites of each other. What you can have with one, you can’t with the other, and vice versa. Pick what you think would be best for your or based on what you’re actually buying. Where do you prefer to buy? From the online Apple store or in a local store?

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