Palm beach Resort and Spa Review

by Lindsey on January 5, 2015 · Travel

We had the chance to attend a convention on Mactan Island, Cebu. We were on a tight budget so we needed an affordable place to stay for 3 days on the island. I found the Palmbeach Resort and Spa which was a 10-minute walk away from where the convention was.

First Impressions

It was our first time on Mactan Island and in Cebu so I arranged for the hotel to pick us up at the airport since we would be arriving in the evening and I didn’t want to get lost. The driver who picked us up was very friendly. The van was big and comfortable and had the hotel’s logo on it.

Upon arriving, we were escorted to our room after checking in. I did not have high expectations because of the price point of the hotel. In general the whole area looked average but nice.

The Room

The room felt like an apartment or house. There was a kitchenette, breakfast counter and a lot of cabinets. It was very spacious but very basic. I’m not sure why but there were two beds: one queen sized bed and one single bed. This would work great for families. I believe this is the Deluxe room which we got a free upgrade for having booked the Standard room.

Cable TV was available and the Internet wasn’t so bad. There was also a small vanity which I liked and a safety deposit box in the closet.

The Food

The location of the hotel is a bit in the middle of nowhere so we did not have any other food options aside from the crackers we had brought with us. As expected, in-room dining was expensive for this type of hotel because there really wasn’t any other choice. The food was good and portions were generous. They had even given us free dessert which I think was avocado ice cream.


Our hotel rate included a buffet breakfast every morning. I never had so much danggit in my life. Breakfast selection was average. I did not like half of the selection but it was satisfactory.


Despite the name, the hotel does not actually have any beachfront. Only a few properties in the area had a beachfront. The hotel also had a few activity rooms so definitely it’s budget family friendly. There is a small pool outdoors where they have scuba diving lessons. We were able to try the pool when everyone else left. No one seemed to care how late we used the pool. They had turned off most of the lights and the place just felt deserted. While swimming, your view would be mostly water.

Pricing and Value

We paid around 3,200PHP (~71USD) for our room. This was one of the most affordable available hotels in the area that was at the very least acceptable for me in terms of comfort and cleanliness. I felt like the rates could be cheaper especially for in-room dining.

Overall Review

The staff was probably the highest point of the whole experience. They were all very nice and helpful. I most likely will not stay in this hotel again and just opt for something more expensive for more comfort but again, I think this is a good deal if you are on a budget and would like to stay on Mactan Island.

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2 thoughts on “Palm beach Resort and Spa Review”

  1. Good day maam! We have made renovations in our resort and added more amenities for our guests including our elevated pool and a jacuzzi. We have also made measures to improve our breakfast. We do hope you will visit our resort again in the future. Thank you.

  2. Joana says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lindsay! Definitely helped us in our decision. I knew there was no beach given it wasn’t emphasized on the photos but we can never be too sure these days. More power!

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