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by Lindsey on January 5, 2017 · Reviews, Shopping

UPDATE: Cash Cash Pinoy has since shut down
I have bought quite a few items since discovering Cash Cash Pinoy back in 2012. The last I transacted with them was in 2014. I have never purchased from the CCP again because of the huge disappointment and inconvenience it was.

Cash Cash Pinoy is an online deal site that aims to deliver unique items and vouchers at an affordable price. A lot of it may seem too good to be true and that’s exactly what they are.

One of the common things you will find in CCP is the inconsistency of the product photos. I have had an experience where I received a different item than what was on the website. There have also been reports of inconsistencies when it comes to the inclusions of travel packages and similar vouchers.

My last experience with them was some time ago so maybe they have improved or fixed whatever problems they have. Even if they have, the trauma I experienced won’t have me going back to them anytime soon.

Here’s what happened:

My sister wanted to buy the Dr. Martens Smooth Classic Black 1460 from them which was priced at Php 4,650.00. It sounded like a great deal.

We bought the item on September 30, 2013. The last delivery day of the item was on November 25, 2013 and received nothing. I contacted their support and their first reply was 2 days later apologizing about it. They had no info yet but claimed they will be following up with the delivery.

On December 8, 2013, I received an email from them:

We are sorry that you still haven’t received your Dr. Martens Smooth Classic Black 1460 purchase yet.
As per checking with our Shipping Team, they are still in process of completing the delivery due to stock issues.
Rest assured that we are doing our best to have your Dr. Martens Smooth Classic Black 1460 delivered the soonest.

The next day, they also sent another email:

Thank you for writing to CashCashPinoy about your Dr. Martens Smooth Classic Black 1460!
I understand that you want to follow up the delivery of your item.
As per checking, we still coordinating your issue to our logistic if merchant already provided the item.

Clearly what happened was they sold an item that they did not have.

On December 11, 2013, they finally told me that the deal was no longer pushing through:

We are truly sorry that your purchase for theDr. Martens Smooth Classic Black 1460 deal is no longer pushing through due to some unforeseen circumstances as our supplier was not able to provide us these items.
We know how much this item means to you. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.
We would like to refund your purchase in CashCashPinoy credits.
You can use the credits good as cash, to buy any deals from our website. The credits have no expiration date and it will remain in your account until you decide to use it.

First of all, how many of their deals are treated this way? How many of them are not guaranteed purchases?
After this scenario, why would I want to make a purchase from them? Credits would be useless so I asked for a refund and even offered to pick up the Php4,650 at their office:

I would like to be refunded in cash since that is a big amount. I am willing to pick it up at your office.

I followed up on December 13 and 16.
I finally received a reply on December 17th:

Upon further investigation, we are very sorry to inform you that we will no longer be able to deliver the item due to some unforeseen circumstances.
We guarantee that this is something that we have been trying to avoid ourselves to make sure that we only provide our members the best shopping experience possible.
With this, we would like to give you a refund through CashCashBucks P 4,650.00 It is as good as cash, and you can use it to purchase another deal. CashCashPinoy Credits has no expiration date and it will remain in your account until you decide to use it.
We understand how much you want to receive your refund in cash/credit card reversal. However, CashCashPinoy really do not refund purchases in cash/credit card reversal. We can only do it through CashCashpinoy credits.
The good thing about this is it is the fastest way to refund your money to have another transaction without spending cash again. The CashCashPinoy Credits has no expiration date and it will remain in your account until you decide to use it.

Yikes. They really don’t want to give me my money back. I decided to consult with both my lawyer and DTI and replied with this:

Thanks for finally getting back to me. I have already consulted with my lawyer and the DTI today and they said that no cash refund cannot be the case according to the law. I really hope we can settle this refund at the soonest time before I file a formal complaint with the proper authorities.

It took me to mention “lawyer,” “DTI,” and “formal complaint” for them to give in. Finally got a reply from them on December 28th:

Thank you for writing back to CashCashPinoy!
Kindly provide the following information:
-Bank account number
-Bank account name
-Bank account type (it should accept check deposit)
-Bank name and branch
Hope to hear from you soon.


I gave my complete bank details by January 2nd of the next year. They replied a few days later on the 8th confirming that they will be processing my refund between 5-7 working days.

On January 21st, I haven’t received anything so I followed up. January 29, nothing yet and followed up

On February 5, they asked for my bank details again

On February 11, they apologized about how frustrating and disappointing it was for me. No kidding. They said they were waiting for the finance department to give the deposit slip.

On February 12, they gave me the wrong deposit slip for someone else with a similar name.

On February 20, I called them and was able to follow up by phone. They said they were still waiting for the finance department for the deposit slip.

On March 3, still no refund. But now they were waiting for the check and not the deposit slip. This shows they haven’t really done much yet.

We are sorry to hear that you haven’t received your cash refund up to this date. We understand how frustrating and disappointing this must be for you.As per my last communication with our refund team, they are just waiting for the cheque to be released.
We will be giving you an update again once it has been released and deposited to your bank account.

Finally, March 10 was the day they were able to send the deposit slip and closed the ticket.


Here’s a look back at the whole timeline of events:

Sept 30 – Item purchased on Cash Cash Pinoy
Oct 03 – They asked for the size I wanted which I answered promptly
Nov 25 – Last day of delivery
Nov 26 – I sent my first follow for the delivery
Nov 28 – Apologies and no new information
Dec 08 – Next update from them saying they had “stock issues”
Dec 09 – Next update but no new info
Dec 11 – Announced that the deal is no longer pushing through and offered to give back Php4,650 in credits. I asked for the refund in cash.
Dec 13 – I followed up and got no reply
Dec 16 – Followed up again
Dec 17 – They really wanted to give it back in credits. I consulted with my lawyer and DTI
Dec 28 – They gave in and asked for my bank details
Jan 02 – I gave my bank details
Jan 08 – They confirmed my bank details
Jan 21 – I followed up the refund
Jan 29 – Sent another follow up on the refund
Feb 05 – Apologies and ask for my bank details again
Feb 11 – Claimed they were waiting for the deposit slip from their finance department
Feb 12 – Sent me the wrong deposit slip
Feb 20 – Called them and said they were still waiting for the deposit slip from their finance department
Mar 03 – They said they were now waiting for the check to be released
Mar 10 – Finally sent the deposit slip with the correct details

The whole journey was about 5 months of back and forth. They have really poor customer service and I would advise against buying anything from this website. It’s 2017 and I still have no desire to purchase from their website.

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